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Being Together:

Practical Wisdom for Loving Yourself & Your Partner


This book is about relationships and how they assist us in becoming more self-aware and loving. I wrote this book because in my experience, maintaining a long-term relationship where both people are truly happy and fulfilled is rare. It’s as if intimate relationship is a holy grail. Over the past couple of years, I have been a dedicated student of relationship and have grown immensely. I figured that if I have been challenged and if so many relationships fail; I wanted to understand how to succeed — how to do it well and thrive together.​


On August 2nd Being Together launched on Amazon and debuted as a #1 New Release in its category, Group Therapy. Future book club meetings are in the works so send me a message if you're interested.

What People Are Saying

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Podcast Interviews

"I was amazed at how much we shared in common and how in one conversation we could go so deep. This was one of the few conversations I have had where we both held the space for the other to be loved and accepted, listened to and heard and acknowledged and validated.  It is what she does in the work she does too."

Daniel Bruce Levine - The Mosaic

"We learn what motivated Padma to write her new book, how the book provides practical wisdom for people already in relationship or before being in relationship, and the importance of kindness, to your partner and to yourself."

Pamela Stokes - Move into Resilience

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