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A Day of Heartful Connection 
in Paradise - For Everyone
Saturday,August 24, 2019
Paradise Healing Center
Lagunitas, CA

I have been holding events for women in Paradise for several years and this is the first event that is open to EVERYONE. I am excited for us to spend time together in sacred space as a community of human beings. We will meditate, move and lounge together in the clothing optional pool, hot tub and sauna. 


You are invited to come with a dear one (a partner, sister, brother, cousin, friend, adult child or aging parent) or come on your own. I will make sure that we have an even number of people for any dyad practices. If you want to bring a loved one, please do. Sharing a day in Paradise is a bonding experience.


There will be various opportunities to connect both in silence and with words. This is a chance to drop into your heart and receive the nourishment of being in community while enjoying the magic of Paradise Healing Center. You can let any tension melt away as you lounge in the shade of the redwoods or take a nap on the outdoor bed. The day will be spacious and any facilitated group activities will happen from 10-12. The rest of the day is yours to engage with others or luxuriate in solo time. A Delicious Organic Lunch and Snacks will be provided.


Optional activities include:

  • Massage (please book it by visiting

  • Hiking up Mt. Barnaby (wear sneakers)

  • Essential Oil blessing

  • Poolside pampering

  • Silent sitting 

  • Singing or playing your musical instrument


In my experience, the day flies by in Paradise. Come and enjoy yourself. You will leave feeling relaxed and renewed. 


Integration Session


Very often we have incredible peak experiences which fade away after some time. Many of us tend to seek out more peak experiences to keep the high feeling. This is great except that then we are dependent on something outside of ourselves to feel fully alive. The intention of the post-event integration session is to bring forward the strands of the richness that we have shared and the insights we’ve had so that we may embody their essence in our daily lives. 


Please note: If for some reason you do not want to have an integration session, you are welcome to gift it to someone else. 



Cost for the day and Integration Session is $ 275.

Cost for the day only is $ 150.



Note: If you have a Paypal account, we would appreciate it if you would send all payments as FRIENDS to to save on the PayPal fees. 

Additionally, you can send the payment without a fee using the Venmo app to @Padma-Gordon. Thank you.


Book a Massage

Optional massage will be available on-site. Please note that massages are not included in the cost of the event. 


To book your massage, please visit or contact Jill at Paradise Healing Center:


Have a Question?

Call Padma at 415-215-2849. I would be happy to talk to you. I look forward to being in Paradise with you soon. 

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