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Welcome Insight Meditators!


Thank you for visiting me here. I hope you've been enjoying my meditations.


To support you to live from your heart, I've created a special free offering for you:


Align Your Life
A 5-Day Video Course

It's a journey to support you to envision your best self within the sacred space of inner connection, in order to catalyze transformation in your life.


In this free course, you will learn 5 meditations you can use (and that I use) to connect to your divine intelligence, so that you are able to bring forth anything you are envisioning in your life including your inner harmony, relationships, career, and life path. 




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If you would like to know more about me and my work, watch this video:


I am your Ally,



Padma is a Spiritual Counselor, Mindfulness Teacher, Movement & Embodiment Instructor, and Author of Being Together: Practical Wisdom for Loving Yourself & Your Partner which launched August 3, 2020 on Amazon as a #1 New Release.

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