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Your Presence Is a Contribution

I wanted to share some insights from my client sessions today as they are a source of inspiration for me and I hope they will be for you. The piece I want to focus on is the value of having a direct experience of grounding into the statement "I'm here." This simple phrase holds so much for us as humans as many of us have yet to fully claim our "here-ness." Being here fully is your birthright and at the same time it is earned.

Each moment that you are able to be fully here and present actually increases your capacity to be consistently present. Yes it works like that. The more often you practice presence the deeper your access to presence becomes.

Your presence matters. I'll say it again, "Your presence matters."

The simple fact of intentionally offering your presence into each moment is a huge contribution to the world. What would life be like if everyone were committed to being present? This is a powerful notion and it appears that being mindful and present is "trending." This is something to celebrate!

What is also exciting is that when you are here and landed in the depths of yourself you have access to infinite intelligence. This perspective is a radical departure from the thinking mind that wants to "figure things out" while drawing from a pool of limited intelligence which takes a tremendous amount of effort. Naturally there is time for problem solving and the truth is that things clarify themselves much more readily when you are landed in the here and now.

When you ground into present while being anchored physically and energetically into the now things naturally unfold. Humans can often get caught in the ruminating mind -- the mind that is fearful and wants to know in order to control and stay safe. We expend essential energy thinking of what might happen while worrying and conjuring scenarios. What if we stopped doing this?

What if we each took a new approach trusting in what is unfolding, listening deeply and allowing divine intelligence to respond? This way of being takes discipline; it necessitates that you curtail the mind's meanderings redirecting it into the present. In the present you may proclaim, "I'm here."

How many times have you backed away from claiming your space in the world? When you back away it often means that you then need to strategize -- being here is the death of the old habit of figuring out and the birth of the freedom to respond authentically and spontaneously. When you trust in your responses you can relax and breathe more deeply. This way of being is profoundly nourishing and sustainable over time -- not to mention much more easeful and fun...

If you are committed to cultivating your ability to be steadily present I invite you to try this practice:

* Set a timer for 3 minutes * Breathe and ground, spreading your toes wide and sending weight down through the soles of your feet-- bare feet if possible * Close your eyes and sense your connection to the Earth * Feel how you are supported and held from underneath * Sense how the Earth's energy is flowing into you. You are not alone. * Take a deep breath and say out loud, "I'm here." * Notice what happens in your body and your being in response to speaking these words. * Repeat for 3 minutes proclaiming your place here on Mother Earth.

Do this practice daily for a week or for as long as you like-- doing it is a gift to yourself and others. This practice is fundamental to self-care. May it serve you in your life and relationships.

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