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Engage Your Muse: Bring the Soul to Fruition

Creative expression is essential for bringing the soul to fruition.

What is important is that we allow our hearts and souls to give voice to what is bubbling up from deep inside. It is not about whether we receive recognition for our expression — like whether anyone reads the book we’ve written or buys the painting we’ve painted; rather it is the simple fact that we as humans or spirits in bodies make space for the arising of what wants to be creatively expressed. It is imperative that we do not try to contain the creative force of the universe.

It is in the expression of this creativity that the soul finds its’ nourishment — that the Muse finds form for the swirling energy that is waiting to be born as Her song, Her music, Her story, Her artwork or Her dance.

We thrive as humans when we find ways to express the inner light that lives within us and then we are able to more directly experience our own wholeness.

There are a myriad of ways that we can share what is alive in us and the question is: What is yours? What is it that feeds you amidst the ruggedness that is required to maintain a healthy balanced life complete with relationships, work and self-care where we find ourselves busy feeding the kids, walking the dog, doing the laundry or running our businesses while juggling how to skillfully tend to our aging parents as we compassionately make soup for friends recovering from illness or we drive a loved one to a doctor’s appointment and then somehow miraculously we find a moment to sit down, take a deep breath and relax with a good book or perhaps (dare I say it...) do nothing.

What is it that feeds your soul while you juggle life in the matrix replete with all manner of responsibilities? Are you finding time to write those children’s books that lie in wait, time to put together that online course you’ve been wanting to teach, moments to create photo books from those thousands of pictures you’ve taken over the years and are you finally making time to sing in the choir or play music in a band?

If not now, when? Life is fleeting. Here are some questions to ponder:

Are you tending to what is most essential for you? When you arrive at your final destination what will you have discovered? What are you holding in the forefront of your mind as you walk alongside those you hold dear? What is your present time experience of the so-called “long walk home?”

When you turn to look back over the seasons of your life what will you find?

Will you feel the richness of the human relationships you’ve nurtured and what of the relationship with God, Great Spirit or your own deepest heart? Will your harvest of the sacred moments you’ve lived be bountiful as your life passes before your eyes?

What is your life about and are you living in alignment with your soul’s purpose? If so, keep it up! Continue listening, living, loving and expressing what is alive in you. Trust what is unfolding. Tend to the garden of your life.

If not, perhaps now is a good moment to begin? What do you have to lose? Maybe now is the moment to turn toward the unknown — to step into uncharted territory and risk living the life you came here to live. Perhaps now is the time to let go of old habits, of those clothes in the back of your closet that smell a bit musty having remained unworn for years or maybe it’s time for you to change jobs?

Regardless of whether you make changes on the outside you can change what is happening on the inside. This is an invitation to encounter the moment freshly without any preconceived notions of what it “should” be like. Beware the “shoulds” as they often indicate judgement and actually inhibit you from living. Pause when the “shoulds” appear and see what is true.

Here is a practice to support you in this.

Encounter This Moment: A practice for discovering what is true

Notice when the phrase “I should” arises in your mind and feel how your body responds.

Pause and take a full breath. (Pausing helps you slow down and breath creates space.)

Wait a moment and see what is true. (By doing this you are interrupting a habit pattern.)

Once again notice the sensations that are happening in your body — the body doesn’t lie.

Trust your response. (You may have the same response and yet by taking time to pause you can come from being at choice.)

Take a deep breath and acknowledge yourself for slowing down and opening to an authentic encounter with the moment. (Each time you acknowledge yourself in a positive way you make a deposit in your self-care account. Fill it up. Self-love is true nourishment and increases both the quality and length of your life.)

Do this practice regularly and you’ll see amazing results. Your life will change. We’d love to hear about your experience with this practice so please feel free to email me at:

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