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In-Person Offerings

Counseling Sessions
Individual Sessions


My purpose is to support my clients to move through their lives with greater clarity, kindness, and ease. I assist them in cultivating the ability to skillfully respond to life’s challenges and gifts by taking simple, direct, mindful actions. Living in this way supports a life of peace and freedom.


My individual, couple, and group sessions offer a depth of somatic expertise and psycho-emotional training which when combined with a steady presence creates a safe container in which you have the opportunity to access the wisdom of your heart and land in your body as a deep resource. It is in this way that the body becomes a vehicle for healing, unwinding and deeper connection with self.


Modalities I use in sessions include:

  • Psycho-spiritual counseling, a unique counseling modality in which we honor and attend to the entire body-mind-spirit continuum.

  • Mindfulness training, which means being at choice rather than being wedded to ingrained habit patterns.

  • Embodiment, to feel at home in yourself, in your body and connected to the silence that lives inside us all.

  • Transformational hypnotherapy, to engage the subconscious mind and experience dramatic changes in your life


You will receive gentle assistance so that your body can unwind and you can let go of what is no longer serving you.  I will teach you how to train your mind and body so that you are living in a healthy and balanced ecosystem, one in which you will thrive on the level relationships, career, and health. 


We meet in a safe space so that you can experience deep and sustainable transformation. I guide and support you so that you are able to access your full human potential and live a life where you can discover a fluid balance and an ease of being. Are you ready to thrive?

To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.
Bruce Lee
Somatic Mentoring Program

Do you want to catalyze movement in your life so you can live the life you really want in 2018?

Join me for a brand new Somatic Mentoring Program I am launching this year!

What does it entail and how does it work?

  • During 2 private somatic enrichment sessions each month (in this 6-month module), you will receive individualized reflections and coaching to help you get traction on your life path.

  • You will be guided into foundational somatic practices as well as receive customized practices to evolve your embodiment so that you can hone your ability to relate to yourself and others with clarity and grace.

  • An interdisciplinary approach brings awareness to the different parts of you that help or hinder you so you can optimize your whole self, supporting you to align your life with your heart and align with your life.

  • Participate online via video on Zoom or Skype.


Are you ready to totally ROCK 2018? If so, reach out to me soon. I'm here as your ally.


Schedule a FREE Exploratory Interview to see if the program is a match for you.

Somatic Mentoring
The abundance of life is always present. When we recognize it, it opens our consciousness...and it comes flowing in mind and body with a mighty, quickening, a healing power that renews, transforms and changes.
Charles Fillmore
Workshops & Speaking Engagements 


Padma is an inspired Workshop Leader and Speaker, embodiment being truly one of her greatest gifts in this lifetime. Meeting face-to-face is a joyous opportunity and an opportunity to receive a direct transmission of Padma’s deeply embodied presence.

Padma's past workshops and events include:

  • Raising Different Daughter at Mother-Daughter Retreat, Honeyroot, Nevada CA

  • Embodied Belonging at NCDC Summer Camp, Kings Canyon, CA

  • Dance New England Summer Camp, Freedom, New Hampshire

  • Presenter at Science and Non-Duality Gathering, San Jose CA

You are invited to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of upcoming workshops. 

Also, if you would like to invite Padma to lead a movement or relating workshop or have her as an inspirational speaker at an event you are producing please contact her at:


Workshops & Speaking
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