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Guided Meditations
Guided Meditations

How does listening to a guided meditation change how you're feeling? The subconscious learns through repetition. Listen once a day and see what shifts. 

My intention with these meditations is to inspire you and create movement in your life.


Click on the videos below to watch and be guided.  Or you can access the entire Guided Meditation Series playlist on my youtube channel.

Love is an endless mystery,
for it has nothing else to explain.
Rabindranath Tagore
100 Day Video Challenge

In 2016, I committed to making videos every day for 100 days. It started out with a 7-day Video Confidence Challenge and then became a fun daily practice through which I learned a great deal.


In sharing my evolutionary process, my intention is to inspire you to do show up, be kind to yourself and others, do what it is that you've come here to do and be yourself. Discover your true nature and embody it.


Click on the videos below or you can access the entire 100 Day Video Challenge playlist on my Youtube channel.

100 Day Video
My breath and prayer are wed.
And from our eternal romance we beget grace
that can be taken into the cities, the forest and fields.
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